"The Fall" Earrings


Beautiful copper leaf earrings that I created from sheet metal and a whole lot of hammering :)

The technique used to form these is called Fold Forming...where I repeatedly heat and hammer and heat and hammer...over and over again, to manipulate the metal into the form that I want it to be in. It is very painstaking and labor intense but ohhhhh so worth it!!! I love this type of metal art and I LOVE these leaf earrings.

After I completed them, I added a patina to them to give them an aged, antique look, to give them a natural and organic feel. The patina is then sealed on with a laquer, so that it won't fade.

These leaves are about 2 inches long and have a sterling silver ear wire, which is also handmade by myself. I do not purchase or use any pre-made findings, like earwires or hooks.

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