"Woodbark" Ring

This is my original design and can not be found anywhere else, that I am aware of. This ring is so very special and unique, that I have made several sets for wedding bands or replacements wedding rings. I hand carve the texture into the silver (which is my secret ;-)...to create the look of bark on a tree. I then add a patina and lightly polish it, to bring out the amazingly real look for the wood grain texture and detail.

This piece can be ordered in different sizes, but before you purchase, please contact me to see if I can create this is your size. Due to the thickness of the metal and the width of the band, it can not be made too small. I can, however, create a piece in a smaller width band, in this same style. Simply contact me and we can figure out what will work best for you.

*I have included a photo of the smaller, thiner band, so you can see the different variations.

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